Three songs connected to my book Storyball will be released during the wintertime 2024. Purple Sky is already out there (2022), and you’ll find the music video here.

Stolte tinder (Norwegian): 5 January

A Girl Like You: 8 March

Standing On The Walls: app. 10 April

24/7 NEWS!

    “… life is more than 24/7 News”

22 March we will release 24/7 News, a song recorded in Abbey Road Studio 2. Hope you will like the energy:-)


My Strawberry Fields: Låten jeg gjorde ferdig i forbindelse med trenerjobben i Avaldsnes 2014. Sluppet 25. mars 2017. Tilgjengelig på de fleste digitale musikkstedene.

My Strawberry Fields: The song I gave to the Avaldsnes women’s soccer team when I left as their coach in November 2014. Released the 25th of March 2017. Available on Spotify, Itunes etc.